The All-Russian meeting was held at the Ministry of Regional Development devoted to the implementation of the standards for the regional authorities aimed at ensuring favorable investment climate


1Head of Regional Development Ministry of Russia Igor Slyunyaev held a meeting on improving the investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation and the implementation of the standard for regional authorities to ensure a favorable investment climate. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Regional Development Michael Krouk, Director of the non-budget investment projects Marina Shilkina, the chief executive officer of the National Investment Agency “Invest in Russia” Yury Voicehovsky, representatives of the “Agency for Strategic Initiatives to promote new projects” (ASI), the Russian public organization “Business Russia”, executive agencies and development institutions of 84 subjects of the Russian Federation.

As part of the meeting the preliminary results of the implementation of the Standard of the regional authorities to ensure a favorable investment climate in the regions of Russia were presented (implemented by the executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia and ASI).

As of March 1, 2014 all the subjects of the Russian Federation joined the process of Standard implementation. In 11 “pilot” subjects: Astrakhan, Belgorod , Kaluga, Lipetsk , Sverdlovsk, Ulyanovsk, Chelyabinsk and Yaroslavl regions, Perm region, the republics of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan – testing of the Standard was successfully completed in 2012.

According to the results of Minregion departmental expertise the main provisions of SFAS are fully implemented in 17 regions : Rostov, Tula, Tambov , Kostroma, Voronezh , Vologda, Magadan , Nizhny Novgorod region , Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District , Khabarovsk Krai, Dagestan , Kabardino-Balkaria and Mari El . In 2014, the implementation of standards is to be completed in 50 regions.

Participants identified the main problems encountered in the implementation of standards and made ​​specific proposals necessary for their removal. Particular attention was paid to the need to comply with all deadlines for the implementation.

Igor Slyunyaev reminded that the quality of execution of the basic requirements of the Standard and the rating of the effectiveness of these requirements by business community are included in the list of parameters for evaluating the performance of the heads of subjects of the Russian Federation.

The meeting included presentations on the activities of Working Group on increasing investment attractiveness of Russian regions and the National Investment Agency “Invest in Russia” which were created on the initiative of Russian Ministry of Regional Development.

In 2013 the Working Group received 516 applications from 71 subjects of the Russian Federation on investment projects worth of more than 455 billion rubles. As a result of expertise 215 projects were selected that meet specified criteria. Investment agreements on their implementation of 38 projects were signed worth of 15.3 billion rubles.

– Within the framework of the Working Group the Ministry with the participation of the leading financial institutions of the country (Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank ), raises regional investment projects up to the federal level, organizes their financing. In this regard, each project directed to the Regional Development Ministry, should be fully designed and prepared for implementation, – said Igor Slyunyaev.

The Minister asked the representative entities to intensify their efforts in order to provide projects for consideration by the Working Group.

Speaking at the meeting, the CEO of the National Investment Agency “Invest in Russia” Yury Voicehovski said that in order to promote Russian projects and establish business relationships Ministry of Regional Development and the Agency held bilateral meetings with companies and investors from Turkey, China, United Arab Emirates, reached agreements to sign memorandums of collaboration with the investment agencies of Singapore, Turkey, Spain. According to Yury Voicehovski, in the future we plan to conduct a comprehensive work with foreign investors, including the preparation of proposals for the regions and the work with regional investor inquiries.

Igor Slyunyaev recalled that the idea and concept of the Agency had been supported by the Prime Minister from the very first day, as well as by Russian business circles, and had been received with great interests by the international investment community.

– We would like the regions to form investment projects in view of the mechanisms that are understood by potential foreign investors. With this purpose we established the Agency and the Working Group. I hope very much that these tools will help you in the development of projects and search for investors, – said the Minister.

As part of the meeting there were a number of reports on the activities of regional organizations to attract investment, development institutions. Much attention was paid to improving the investment climate in the municipalities, the qualitative analysis of successful regional practices.

During the discussion, Igor Slyunyaev drew attention of the regional representatives to the fact that each entity “should find itself in terms of federal priorities”. In this regard, according to the Minister, the key instrument in attracting investment is the investment strategy, which should be clearly defined by each subject.

– The dialogue between the subjects of the Federation, Ministry of Regional Development of Russia, ASI, regional development institutions will help us create the right approach in attracting investment. The main thing is not to slip into formalism. All kinds of road maps, ratings do not help attract investment, and what really helps is primarily removing barriers, creating a favorable environment in terms of mechanisms available and understandable for investors. Road is taken by walking, – said Igor Slyunyaev, summing up the meeting.