Linar Yakupov became the Нead of the Association of Regional Investment Agencies of the Russian Federation


06062014The Head of Investment Promotion Agency of Tatarstan Linar Yakupov will also become the Head of the Association of Regional Investment Agencies in Russia. As the Chief Executive Officer of the Russian Investment Agency “Invest in Russia” Yury Voicehovsky said this non-profit organization was recently established in Russia for interaction and exchange of experiences among investment agencies and development corporations of the regions of the Russian Federation with a view to their maximum integration in the international investment community. Tatarstan became a member of the Association.

At the moment, according to Yury Voicehovsky, there are 70 Investment Promotion Agencies in Russia, and the number of those is planned to be increased up to a hundred.

Yury Voicehovksy proposed to open a representative office in the UAE jointly by two republics – Yakutia and Tatarstan. This question will be considered by the heads of these regions of Russia.
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