The Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation Igor Slyunyaev and the Chief Executive Officer of the Russian Investment Agency “Invest in Russia” Yury Voicehovsky participate in the XVIII International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg


22052014_01The Regional Development Minister Igor Slyunyaev participates in the XVIII International Economic Forum, which takes place May 22-24 in St. Petersburg.

About 6 and a half thousand guests came to SPIEF 2014, including more than 600 heads of major Russian and foreign corporations. 75 states sent their official delegations with 70 percent of the participants being from the EU and the USA. The Ministry of Regional Development is also represented in the Forum by the Deputy Ministers of Regional Development Mikhail Krouk and Vladimir Dedyukhin, Director of Extrabudgetary Investment Projects Department Marina Shilkina, the Chief Executive Officer of the Russian Investment Agency “Invest in Russia” Yury Voicehovsky.

The main theme of the forum this year is “Building of Confidence in the Era of Reforms”. The confidence issues and reviving confidence in the future in the context of rapid changes occurring in the global economy were key issues in all discussions.

At the first day of the Forum Igor Slyunyaev met with the CEO of Lhoist Group Renman Torkel, the Executive Vice President for Strategic Development of Lhoist Group Andre Patrick, and the Director of the Russian Representative Office Rudolf Davidov.

“The more often you come here, the more opportunities you have for future meetings”, – Renman Torkel praised SPIEF 2014 at the beginning of the meeting, being himself a permanent participant of the St. Petersburg Forum.

The discussion focused on issues of implementation of the project for mining and processing of limestone and production of high quality lime in Sverdlovsk Region. The company has 92 production sites around the world, now the first Russian site is being worked out.

“We spent 7 years for the selection of appropriate quality limestone deposits in Russia, so it was also optimally located in terms of consumers. We consider the possibility of creating multiple production sites one of which is near Yekaterinburg. The total investment is about $150 million. We are interested to make this project a complex one”, – said Renman Torkel.

To implement the project the “TMK” and the “Luast” Group of Companies formed a joint venture LLC “ProLaym”. The lime production is scheduled to begin in 2015. Initial productivity of limestone and lime is expected to reach 300 thousand tons per year with the prospect of growing up to 500 thousand tons per year. About 40% of the company’s investment in the Sverdlovsk region goes to solve infrastructure issues.

One of the tasks of Lhoist Group is construction, manufacturing cellular concrete (AAC or lightweight concrete), which allows one to build houses with low energy consumption.

“We need to rely on the materials of massive use. Approximately 20% of investment in major projects in Sochi, Kazan, in the Far East remains in the national economy, the rest goes out of Russia, and such a situation is not acceptable. The logic of your company fits into the logic of the Ministry”, – said the Minister of Regional Development, stressing the need for development of the Russian construction materials industry.

The Head of the Regional Development promised support for the investment project of Lhoist Group in Russia, including that to be provided through the Extrabudgetary Investment Projects Department of the Ministry and the Russian Investment Agency “Invest in Russia”. The Director of the Department Marina Shilkina and the CEO of the Agency Yury Voicehovsky took part in the negotiations.

The Minister of the Regional Development suggested that the management of Lhoist Group should sign an agreement with the Russian Investment Agency about supervising the project.

On the sidelines of SPIEF 2014 the Head of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia also had a meeting with the President of the Union of Chinese businessmen in Russia Tsai Guyzhu, during which the issues of cooperation between Russia and China were discussed, which had been also the subject the Russian-Chinese Summit held just a day ago.

“We, as the Ministry, are ready to strongly encourage Chinese companies to find their partners in the Russian regions and municipalities, set up joint production and have access to Chinese markets”, – said Igor Slyunyaev during the meeting.

Among issues discussed were also various areas of interest for Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Russia. The Head of the Ministry of Regional Development said that Russia is interested in Chinese investments, including those in agriculture, but subject to the lean and respectful attitude to the earth environmental issues.

During the Forum the Minister of the Regional Development took part in the signing of the Agreement on the establishment of a joint venture between JSC “Federal Center of Project Finance” (Vnesheconombank Group) and the Group of Companies “Olympic City”.

The main purpose of creating the joint venture is the preparation and implementation of projects for integrated development of areas of high importance for Russia’s strategic development in the medium and long term. Among priority projects presented at the Forum were as follows:

– “Economic Development Corridor “Baikal – China – Primorye” – an integrated development project in Eastern Siberia, Zabaikalie and the Far East countries, which provides for the formation of a development corridor along the transport axis from the Irkutsk Region through the Trans-Baikal Territory and the People’s Republic of China to the Primorsky Krai. This initiative was approved by the Collegium of the Ministry of the Regional Development of the Russian Federation;

– “The City of Health” – construction of a new resort city Mineralvodsk District of the Stavropol Region;

– The project of complex development of the territory of “New Moscow” and the Moscow Region.


The document was signed in the presence of the Minister by the Director of “The Federal Center of Project Finance” of VEB Alexander Bazhenov and the President of “Olympic City” Group of Companies Alexey Semenyachenko.