regional agencies

Russian Federation consists of 83 subjects, each of which has significant potential for growth in terms of investment and economic development.

Working closely with the Ministry of Regional Development and Regional Investment Agencies, the Agency creates a platform for "investor -region" interaction at the Federal level as well as forms a unique center of information on all regions, ongoing projects and investors interested in projects in the Russian Federation.

The Agency offers the Russian Regions the following:

  • Developing recommendations in order to increase investment attractiveness, participating in the development of investment strategies in the Region as well as assistance in promoting its investment interests;
  • Developing unified standards of servicing investors as well as monitoring implementation of these standards;
  • Coordinating communication between regional investment agencies and foreign investors (the function of "Agency for Agencies");
  • Conducting analysis of Investor needs and informing Regions of all cases if Investor interests in cooperation with them.

How it works

Request from a Region and analysis of Region’s investment potential

At this stage we conduct a detailed analysis of the projects proposed by the Regions, their specifics and economic parameters

Selection of Investors for projects

At this stage based on our knowledge of the requirements and interests of Investors we carry out the selection of Investors who are interested in the proposed project

Presentation of Projects

At this stage we help to prepare and make presentations of projects in a standardized format agreed in advance with the potential Investor

Feedback from Investors

At this stage we receive feedback from Investors regarding their interest in the project, while further defining their requirements

Systematization of Options

Being in dialogue with the Investor and the Region we systematize possible options for the projects subject to the requirements and interests of Investors

Decision on the Next Steps

Based on the evaluation and analysis of options and being in constant communication with Investors and Regions the decision on a particular project is maid